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Long industry experience gives us a natural understanding of the needs and aspirations of individual customer requirements. We appreciate that whether you are an architect, commercial developer, small contractor, self-builder or renovator that selecting the right windows and doors can be fraught with constraints as well as offering wide choices. We endeavour to guide the customer through this process with practical advice, helpful insights - and from our past knowledge of what gives the best results.

Some of the various alternatives and preferences you may have are listed below:

Wood Types

Primarily we supply laminated Scandinavian slow-grown Redwood (pine). Hardwood options include Oak and Meranti.


Colours and Finishes

Paint: The state of the art factory surface treatment produces a smooth even finish of outstanding quality. Choose from any RAL Classic colour.

Stain: Easy to maintain this water based matt finish is ideal for projects which aim to achieve a rustic or understated feel. Choose a stain from our standard range or from the Teknos colour range.

Stain and Lacquer: An extra coat of lacquer gives a more lustrous finished look to the timber.

Standard Stains and Lacquers

Finishes: Options include two colour finishing: for example white paint inside and a Grey paint finish outside. A popular finish for our aluminium clad projects is a natural internal clear lacquer - which shows off to best effect the warmth and beauty of wood.


Double glazing: Our standard with soft-coat low-e and Argon gas filling with a centre-pane u-value of 1.1W/m2K. In addition, specifying the latest "Warm Edge" spacers' technology for the glazing unit can further reduce the whole window U-value.

Triple Glazing: For those projects where additional energy saving is required. For example Code for Sustainable Homes Level Three or better.

Toughened Safety Glass: Tempered glass is automatically offered on products which will require safety glass in accordance with Building Regulations Part N.

Laminated glass: For added security.

Anti Sun Glass: Frequently specified on south facing elevations to reduce heat and glare.

Self cleaning Glass: For high and hard to access windows and screens.

Acoustic Glass: Sound reducing glass; often used near to busy roads and airports.

Inter-glass Blinds: Built in to the sealed unit; maintenance free.

Please ask about our other glass options which include Leaded Lights, Obscure, Tinted and Spandrel panels.

Special shapes - design individually - all made to measure

Arched heads, opening triangular windows, angled gable screens, curved bays - our manufacturers experience combines modern manufacturing techniques with traditional craftsmanship to produce bespoke design. Such innovation adds character to any new home as well as replicating styles of the past.

Glazing Bars

Glass dividing tenon-jointed or structural bars - transoms (horizontal) or mullions (vertical). These are used between opening sashes and fixed lights, or to create a more generous or substantial appearance to a design. Decorative glazing bars are a slimmer, more elegant answer to those who wish to create a traditional appearance. With either 26mm or 19mm timber glazing bar both inside or outside, with internal spacer bars between the glass. This gives the appearance of panes created from separated glazed units, as it would have been done traditionally.

Sills - Traditional and Contemporary

For timber windows we offer factory finished projecting external sills in long lasting hardwood (Oak) of variable depths and end thicknesses to suit your build and aesthetic requirements. On our Aluminium-clad systems we also offer a range of made to measure aluminium sills in projecting depths of 50, 70, 90, 150, 180 and 240mm to suit all projects.


High quality, easy to use, secure and stylish. We evaluate the best handles from leading manufacturers such as Hoppe, Titon and Fix to suit our products. With a range of handles to harmonise with every surface colour in either locking or non-lockable format. Standard finished available; white, aluminium, stainless steel and gold.

Outward Opening Casement Handles

Outward Opening Tilt an Turn Handle - White
Outward Opening Tilt an Turn Handle - Brass
Outward Opening Tilt an Turn Handle - Silver

Inward Opening Tilt & Turn Handles

Inward Opening Tilt an Turn Handle - White
Inward Opening Tilt an Turn Handle - Brass
Inward Opening Tilt an Turn Handle - Silver


Trickle vents are supplied as standard according to current Building Regulations, although with rising window U-value requirements it sometimes worth considering alternative means of building ventilation on new builds if you are keen to minimise envelope heat loss.

Insect screens

We can offer unobtrusive solutions for both outward and inward opening windows and doors. Please call for options.

High level and remote opening windows

Please call for options.

250 Classic Colours to enhance any home

250 standard paint colours and finishes to enhance any home...

Angled Window with Tilt and Turn Sash
Arched Window
Round Pivot Window
Glazing Bars
Traditional Timber Sill
Unobtrusive Titon Trickle Vent

Nordica UK Supply factory finished timber windows, aluminium-clad windows, timber doors and aluminium-clad doors to homes and businesses across East Anglia: